Tuesday, June 17, 2003


I figured out how to get my own account
and not use ray's anymore because he wants to change his password
so i can't read all his email any more.
I dont know why the big deal is... All he gets are the junk mail
- X10 home security camera
- Refinance your mortgage
- Enhance your love life

I try to use friendster today but it's broken i think...
It makes me sad because I want to meet everybody,
It gets boring here in the apartment. Panda says thing every day:
"Let's play steamroller!!"
And I'm too dizzy already
I don't like it anymore

Thursday, January 23, 2003

well. I tried to put on thermal because ray and sarah
put on thermal. then. guess what! panda starting
laffing at me! he said. ooo you're fat! when i was
changing. i said that's not nice. i said. well,
you're naked. and panda said you're naked too.

and i said. no! i have ray's bracelet.

tank you ray.

anyway. i hope i get to go to NJ this weekend with r
and s. (those are my code names so they don't know
who i'm talking about.) i love NJ. with s-- i'll use
the bigpuppydogstitch trick. with r-- i'll use the
nudgenudgebonjovi trick. and then for sure r and s
will let me drive to NJ. and i will sing to them
hula-hula songs from hawaii and then they will get
happy and then sleepyrelax because stitch is taking
care ob them. and then guess what!!! i'm going to
drive-in to IHOP!!!!! YAYYYYYY. i lub IHOP.
specially IHOP in NJ!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2003

i'm showing off to sarah now

here's my friend panda!

i want pancake!

i hope sarah makes pancake

i love pancake

i love pancake

i was checking out jen's site

ray doesnt know why i like to go dere

but i like seeing about how jen is still friends w/ all her x-boyfriends

and now i have a cool blog like her too
saturday sarah and ray took me out driving

i think they felt guilty 'cause they forgot to get me pancake in the morning

i got to meet charles, nancy, and david. it was so dark nancy thought i was a koala.


i got to drive the car! i was so happy. ray put me on the steering wheel and i spin around.

yay- got this thing working!!